A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A young man Henry Crayfield one day finds himself... dead at the limbo.

He doesn't know how he died or how he managed to get here. There is
nothing here at the limbo. Completely alone, our hero slowly starts to
drive mad... until one day a strange man appears. And starts to drive
Henry mad again...  with his sarcasm. Why has he stuck here? Who is mysterious stranger at real? How to get out of the limbo? And what is a meaning of 'cycle'?
Time will show...

There are 5 endings, including one special with BXB relationship(yayo!) and true.

This is the first novel of Sunrise Man studio. Hope to get your feedback and comments! ;)


Cycle-1.0-pc.zip 168 MB
Cycle-1.0-mac.zip 154 MB

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